Stretch wrapmachine
Name:  Stretch wrapmachine 
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Product Info:

Stretch wrapmachine

Technology description of the equipment:

1. machine parameters:

  Max. packing weight


  Max. packing height


Turntable size


 Turntable height


 Turntable speed


Film lifting speed


Power supply


Turntable motor power


Lifting motor power


Film Paper Core Radius






2. List of Equipments
Nam         eproducing area or brand
          Korea LG
Text Display
       German siemens
    Korea AUTONICS
Turntable Motor
     Taiwan TUNGLEE
Lifter Motor
       Taiwan ZIGUANG
         French Schneider
Bracket Roller
Rough Rubber
Stroke Switch
      Taiwan TEND
             Korea LG
             French Schneider
Proximity Switch
      Korea AUTONICS
Note: Because of gradual innovation of the machine, above-mentioned may change without any notification.
3. electric control system of wrapper
It adopts independent electric cabinet controlling, the cabinet is at the outer of the machine which has centralized control. There are air switch, relay, AC Proximity Switch, press buttom and indicator light, etc. the switches are Schneider, this machine has 2 phases and 3 wires, it can be connected to ground. It has power control cabinet and adopts standard wire duct cover. The whole wire requires the wires are in good order, clear, control switches and press buttom indicator light has obvious mark, the electria and controlling cabinets’ design, production and installation are accord with national electric technology safety standard. All of the wire appliances and devices during working, their temperature rising shall not over standard products’ rating, the switches also have over loading protection.
A, the equipments should have safe loop protection
B. the pipe wire should have enough protection as well as reliable and fixed.
C. the cables should have enough capacity and anti-press.
D. all of the parts can be connected to the ground.
1. supply power: 380V 50HZ
2. power consumption: approx 1kw
3. no heavy vibration at the scene, environment temp: –10
running test and check before shipping:
Before shipping, the supplier would test and run the machine in the supplier’s company according to contract requirements.
4. Some manufacture standards for the system equipments
GB8196 Light Industrial Machinery Equipment Protection security GB3805 Light Industry Machinery Safety Extra Low Voltage
GB3829 Light Industry Machinery creepage Protection
GB5083Light Industry Machinery Environmental Protection
GB7311-87 machine model organization methodology
GB / T 7932-1987 General technical requirements
HG 20532-93 Mechanical Engineering Design Safety and health regulations
JB 7233-94Mechanical safety requirements
QB / T 1586.1-93Light Industry Machinery general technical requirements for welding pieces
QB / T 1586.2-93 Light Industry Machinery General technical requirements for cutting
QB / T 1586.3-93 Light Industry Machinery general technical conditions for assembly
QB / T 1586.4-93 Light Industry Machinery general technical conditions for painting
Noise degree should be up to the requirements of the national industrial equipments. The design, manufacture,inspection and test etc should meet with the requirements of the National standard, criterion and some other relevant regulations.
5. Paint, symbol, packaging
Each part of the equipments are fixed installed, as well as flat and straight, the parts keep their original colors. Rust on the steel material had been removed, with spray-paint treatment after putting oil on, which make the whole line looks nice and in good condition. Stoving varnish parts are painted by imported computer which make the paint flat and smooth. Besides Stoving varnish, other steel parts adopt flange and galvanized treatment. Noise should accord to national industrial equipments’ requirement.
E. the equipements are in accord with national related general requiremens and workers safety health standard.
F. paste warning sign on necessary places.

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